What Is Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is an all-inclusive term to define promotions via emails, social media posts, paid advertisements on search engines, etc.

Today’s internet marketing, or online marketing, is rapidly evolving. No longer limited to the constraints of print, companies are finding new, innovative and most importantly, inexpensive ways to reach potential customers.

Clients expect a business to have a website. From social media to Google Searches, it’s your job as a small to medium business owner to help them find it.

Then you can get your message across.

And Our message here is simple.

We tell you what you must do to improve Your Online Presence

Are You Scaring Your Customers Away?

If there is NO green padlock in the address bar then the answer is YES!

You Must change to HTTPS to make your site secure for your Customers.

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Focusing on improving your small business’ local SEO will help generate more traffic to your website and ultimately, more leads and sales for your business.

You Must register your business with Google and Bing Places

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